My documentary project 'Records' showing portraits of people living in a small province of Poland. I focused on special age range - people over 60 years old. Most of them retired, forgotten by the modern society, spending their time in their quiet flats. Every place is different, with a specific conditions and individual mood - like my characters, not models from fashion magazines, but people with a wide experience, who could still teach us about the life.
I'm proud to announce that my documental project 'Records' got awarded with a 3rd place in Rangefinder Portrait Contest, Environmental / Travel category.
Mrs. Anna. Architect. Well educated and very wise woman, strongly connected with art.

Lace maker
Ms. Aleksandra. Shee lives in western Poland, in an old country cottage. She spends her free time focusing on her hobby - crocheting. Thanks to this, her not very modern house has become a mosaic of new designs.
Mrs. Janina. For years she worked as a chef, on her change no one left hungry. She raised a son that she is very proud of. Posters with cars and trucks remind her of him while he goes on his tour.

Mrs. Maria. She lives in the center of Poland. She is 96 years old, still in a incredibly good physical and mental condition. She was a very beautiful woman, a portrait hanging on the wall resemble about this.

Ms. Krystyna. A retired nurse. A very religious person, proud of her son who became a priest.

Music lover
Mr. Krzysztof. Psychiatrist. He values exclusive interiors, music and coffee. Very calm and
patient person.

Mrs. Zdzisława. She lives in western Poland. She loves to collect knick-knacks, which she
carefully arranges on the shelf.

Senior and the head of family
Mrs. Stefania. One of the oldest women taking part in the project. She lives in an old,
a country house that has belonged to the family for generations. Except this photo session, the photo of her taken by the photographer was for hershe was 18 birthday, unfortunately not preserved. She loves flowers and strong accents in colors that give her and her interiors another life.

Father Waldemar. He is the chaplain at the center for the mentally ill people. He is a very
well-liked and valued in the community.

Mr. Janusz. He comes from Lodz, but he emigrated to the west of Poland. He worked as an electrician, he has been repairing electrical equipment for everyone in the area over 40 years. In present he is not in a good physical condition.

Mr. Andrzej. Doctor, he has been working in the profession for 30 years. He raised four children who
currently live abroad.

Danuta and Tadeusz. They lead a quiet life in a place full of forests and with a lake, far away from big cities.

- some of names of my chatacters where changed because of the privacy -
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